Electrical Tape 12 Pack

  • Value for money! 12 long rolls of tape are included, each measuring 18.2 metres (60 feet) long, giving you a total of 218.4 metres (720 feet) of electrical tape.

  • Easily identify different wires! Great for identification purposes – colour code your motor leads and pipe systems with the three coloured tapes included – 4 x red, 4 x white and 4 x black.

  • Sticky! No one wants tape that won’t stick! Whether it’s glass, plastic, metal or a bunch of wires, this electricians tape has got you covered!

  • Safety first! UL Certified (product safety testing) for use up to 600V and 80℃.

  • Versatile! You’ll find so many uses for this electrical tape – mechanical, electrical and automotive repairs, decorative craft projects and fun with the kids just to name a few!

Want to save some money?    Buy in Bulk!

This 12 pack of electrical tape offers great value for money. Each roll is 19mm (¾ inch) wide and 18.2 metres (60 feet) long. A simple calculation will tell you you’re getting 218.4 metres (720 feet) of electrical tape in this incredible deal.

Searching for a heavy duty electrical tape that is industrial strength and perfect for all your professional and DIY projects?

Look no further than this set from Checkered House. This PVC electrical tape provides quick insulation for any wiring job. Great for all your electrical/wiring needs such as repairing spliced wires, cable insulation, wire bundling, and a great all round household tape.

Great for identification purposes, the set includes 3 colours, red, white and black, so that you can colour code your motor leads and pipe systems and easily identify your wires.

UL certified, so you know you’re safe, suitable for use up to 600V and 80℃.

Perfect for all sorts of projects from electrical to arts and crafts, you’ll find plenty of uses for this bulk lot of electrical tape in your house.

Backed by Checkered House’s 100% satisfaction guarantee, you’ve got nothing to lose so grab yourself a 12 pack today.

Technical Specifications

Length (per roll)60 feet
Width3/4 inch
Flame RetardantYes
UL ListedYes
Max Voltage600V
Max Temp176°F